Monday, October 29, 2007

Daniel Smeriglio - Voice of the People Rally - Harrisburg, PA

No matter how I feel about Daniel Smeriglio as a person, as a speaker, and leader of group, he spends more time gloating about the fact that he was able to orchestrate a rally than actually giving his audience any real substance. Daniel, we all understand you put the rally together, now why not give us some facts about illegal immigration and some ideas as to how we might stop it.

In the beginning of this speech Daniel takes precious time to call out people that oppose him and to make references to events nobody in the audience is aware of. It was only recently that I was able to find evidence that David Marlet was the person he refers to when speaking about “someone on the inside.” The references to coke throwing and being called a child molester still escape me. Why would he go on about issues that nobody, but him and a few other people are aware of?

One of Danilel’s biggest gifts to the world is his advocating for the freedom of speech of others. Well, we’re all glad that you’re out their fighting for the freedom of speech for everybody, it’s just that I thought you were fighting against illegal immigration. Why isn’t his group called Voice Of The People That Are Against Illegal Immigration? He certainly doesn’t speak for me and I’m an American. Maybe I’ll start a group and call it……

Daniel's Speech:

Let's give a real long welcome, Dan Smeriglio.

Hello everybody. Yes my mother is on the phone. My best friend, I wanted her to be here somehow someway.

First off to everybody across the street, especially those who like to throw Coca-Cola cans, don't worry I got my own. (laughing from audience.) I'm good, it's not frozen - here's to ya. Alright, first off, we've been called every name in the book this last week. Daryl I'm a child molester huh? (He's yelling) Very original. (Has this happened to him before?) Know the person you're making the accusations against. You are a racist, you are a scumbag, and you are un-American and that is the fact. (Is it? I'm not sure if Daryl called Daniel a child molester, but I don't know what makes Daryl un-American.) (audience cheers loudly. Daniel steps back from the podium to take it all in.)

How dare you label us! (He yells) How come everybody, it doesn't matter what color hair you have, you're a racist. If you're bald you must be a racist. Receding hairline, racist. African American, racist. No matter what you are you are a racist. (No Daniel it’s when you make baseless comments about groups of people that you’re a racist. Only those people that make these types of comments are considered racists. You can be anti-illegal immigration and not be a racist. You just have to be very careful about what you say because this is America after all. You remember, slavery and oppression of non white-European people.) Yes, I see you coming up here now. Good, what are you going to do? Try and make a scene regardless of the fact that's not the reason why we're here. (Video goes to a still clip of Daryl with the caption "Daryl of the One People's Project likes to spread rumors that people are child molesters.)

We give people like that the time of day, it makes us no better than them. (A woman says "Right on Dan." It sounded like it may have been Ruth Miller.) So, for all those that want to try to talk a good game and put us down here we are today. We made it, we're doing it and we've had it. And it's thanks to all of you out there. (A man says "Go Dan go.") I'm sorry I get a little emotional, but sometimes I feel strongly and I will speak my mind. (The emotion being used here is hate.) I am an advocate of freedom of speech sir. Even those who hate us I will support your freedom of speech. (Thanks for the support Daniel. It's exactly what I need. Just remember, though, I don't hate you I just don't like your ideals or activities.) but when you steal our identity, when you make slanderous remarks, harassment, terroristic threats, wrongful criminal accusations then I have a problem. Then, then, then you are breaking the law. Then you are against American. (Slander isn't a good thing, but speaking out against Daniel Smeriglio does not make you against America. Last I checked Daniel Smeriglio is not America. He actually represents a very small fraction of the population.) (A man yells "Welcome to the world wide web Daryl.") Some people are going to say how come there wasn't three thousand people out here it today. Numbers, numbers, numbers, numbers everything's about the numbers. You know what, I say this from day one, if one person shows up we've achieved our goal. (Such lofty aspirations. Yes, this justifies your lack of support which means people don't agree with you. Stop being arrogant.) (The audience cheers loudly.)...and I'm very grateful of the people we have here today. We did it. Unfortunately an individual on the inside of our movement decided to sabotage us. Regardless, scared off a couple speakers, but he's been exposed for the fraud that he is (Daniel is talking about David Marlett of Pro America companies) America does matter, but not to that man. Anyway. We started this thing a long time ago. Real long time ago, like four months ago and we managed to do things people said we couldn't do. (Narcissism is the best form of flattery.) Nobody said we could pull it off. Yeah. Bye. (He waves by to Daryl and gloatingly claps.) See that is a victory. That's what happens to nay sayers. Let me, let me bring up something real quick. I don't like to address the critics too much, but you know what? You all called for it, I'm going to deliver. Ok. When you have a thing on your website called the rogue list where you put people's face their name, their address, and where they work, and their phone number on it you are breaking the law. (applause) You should be held accountable. I don't care, I don't care who supports what agenda ok. Something we're here for today. Something we're her for today is to support America, is to embrace the rule of law in this country. To defend our country against those invading us illegally. That is why we are here. We care about America. There's people all around they believe it's a race issue, they believe it's this they believe it's that. You know what everybody is here today - we stand together under one concept, one precept that we are against illegal immigration. It is not a race issue. It's a matter of law. It's the rule of law. Illegal is illegal. It doesn't matter if you're Republican, Democrat, Catholic, Protestant, Lutheran, Black or White (What about Brown?) if you are here illegally you don't deserve to be here illegally - you don't deserve to be in this country. Excuse me. I get a little caught up sometimes.

Ok, so, what are we accomplishing here today - coming to the state capital? (Lady says "a lot.") (I say “I don’t know; I’m still waiting to find out.) You know what, it doesn't matter whose here and whose not here. They see us, they hear our voices and they're taking notice. All these media cameras. I can honestly say I know a lot of the media here and I give them a lot of respect, a lot of credibility to those that came from Hazleton and a long ways away. (applause) Here's too ya. You guys care enough when you report the news the way it's supposed to be reported as the news, not your opinion of the news. Ok, and I give that a lot of respect. Regardless of the fact (Daniel's catch phrase) we are here, these cameras get out to more people that decided to sit home, relax, take it easy, they don't want to get involved, they're afraid. (Way to judge others. Maybe they just don't agree with you. Is that something you can accept? No Daniel you're not a god. Just because you secured a podium and a Saturday doesn't make your words mean anything.) So many people make so many are afraid to come to these rallies. (Maybe because skin heads are there.) We have radio dj's (he dances a bit) I know you're here. And I do respect your freedom of speech sir, but I don't appreciate when you tell people that the KKK is going to come rolling in here high and proud. (No, not the KKK, just skin heads. Yes Daniel they were right in front of you as you spoke.) I don't appreciate it when you tell everybody there's going to be violence like you've never scene before. (What?) Catastrophe. A terrorist attack on this country is going to happen at one of our rallies. Shut up. (Oh, I thought you supported freedom of speech.) (much applause from the audience)

Everybody said we couldn't get it, we couldn't get it done, we couldn't do it, whatever. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of hearing it. We have gotten it done and we're here today to announce to announce to you all that this is just the end of our summer rallies. Ok. (Oh, I though you were there to tell everyone about the illegal immigration problem. Instead you're just gloating about the fact that you were able to have the rally. I'm sure that helped your cause quite a bit.) End of the summer. There's still a fall, ok. (Thanks Daniel, we didn't understand the concept of seasons so this helps us. Will the seasons stop to progress if more illegal immigrants come over?) The beginning of October we're going to state representative Daryl Metcalfe’s hometown. We're going to go out there, Pittsburgh area, Butler country, and we're going to do it again. (No, today is October 29th and you didn't have a Pittsburgh rally did you?) So everybody come. And, and to the people that were deterred to come here because of those who want to make us look like something we're not. They have apologized and respectfully I've, it means a lot to me. They're going to be there in Pittsburgh. There will be some big names that'll surprise all of you. (Yep, I'm surprised.) Regardless of the fact, we're doing it, we keep doing it and we're not going to stop. And it's long road ahead. (applause) (A man suggests he go to another city, but I can't tell what he said.) We have to afford to get there. We all pay out of pocket. It's been here, every speaker. See something others don't understand is, it's not a Voice of The People rally (No, it's a Voice of The People USA rally.) It's not our group - everybody else is allowed to speak at it. We stand here united as one. Every speaker that comes here stands united. We stand on one platform. We provide the stage, you are the audience (he's pointing at the audience.) you are the voice and we're here to defend, uphold your voices and make our politicians who are failing to hear us - aware of what's going on around us. Ok, remember always - they are our employees. I'd like to thank John Clark, amazing man, you've done a lot for us. I'm grateful for it. Everybody that came out. Andrew Woodring, best friend. Renee Butts, secretary. Excellent worker, God bless you. Export the Import - you didn't sell your shirts today, but you know what you're still an amazing person, you're an amazing group of people. (Yes, that just happened to have a reference to Storm Front on their website until it was brought out into the open. They then took it down.) Marian Davies, You Don't Speak For Me, I love all of you, I respect all of you. You mean everything to all of us. Carmen Morales, your husband, everybody, everybody that came out today. Pokerface. So, in closing, I understand that our goal is far from being accomplished. We're not going to stop when it gets cold, we're going to go inside. And we're going to invite everybody to come to them and we're going to continue to hold our politicians feet to their fire. Excuse the pun. (What was the pun?) And we're not going to stop until we get the job done. (That makes two of us.) We demand results. We demand real homeland security. I'm honored, honored to be a part of 9/11 Families For A Secure America. That means a lot to me. God bless you Mr. Gatiel, Mr. Kowalski. Why did 9/11 happen? (Woman says "we were asleep.") We have no homeland security. Our borders were open. (Which border was open? It's funny that a plot by our government is considered crazy conspiracy theory, but the idea that a man living in a cave is responsible is completely acceptable. - I believe Luis Black said this.) People who don't deserve to be in this country committing these crimes and get away with it. Regardless, has anything been done after 9/11 to protect our country. The influx of illegals has been doubled. Do we not see that as a priority. (No, actually I think stopping the Iraq war is a priority) Do we not see that as a concern we need to address? Do not live in fear anymore. (What? I though we were supposed to be afraid of the hordes of invaders.) We will continue to fight for all of you, and us, and we're going to keep going, town by town, we're going to go city to city until we go broke - we're almost there now, but we're going to keep going, work another job or two or three it's ok. (How many jobs do you need? What about all the jobless Americans whose jobs have been taken by illegal immigrants? Why don't you save some jobs for other people?) to continue to put our message out there. And to the ACLU that had a press conference today. You lose. And the ACLU, the American Civil Liberties Union (audience applauds Daniel calling them out) to try and deny American citizens their civil liberties, to you I say go to hell. (Christian?) Every group that hates us, right back atcha. We're not going to stop. Thank you all, God bless you all, God bless America.


John doe said...

I think your rant is only proving the point Mr. Smeriglio is making. Rather than bashing a man for trying to make a difference, you could try to help.

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