Monday, October 29, 2007

Daniel Smeriglio - Voice of the People Rally - Harrisburg, PA

No matter how I feel about Daniel Smeriglio as a person, as a speaker, and leader of group, he spends more time gloating about the fact that he was able to orchestrate a rally than actually giving his audience any real substance. Daniel, we all understand you put the rally together, now why not give us some facts about illegal immigration and some ideas as to how we might stop it.

In the beginning of this speech Daniel takes precious time to call out people that oppose him and to make references to events nobody in the audience is aware of. It was only recently that I was able to find evidence that David Marlet was the person he refers to when speaking about “someone on the inside.” The references to coke throwing and being called a child molester still escape me. Why would he go on about issues that nobody, but him and a few other people are aware of?

One of Danilel’s biggest gifts to the world is his advocating for the freedom of speech of others. Well, we’re all glad that you’re out their fighting for the freedom of speech for everybody, it’s just that I thought you were fighting against illegal immigration. Why isn’t his group called Voice Of The People That Are Against Illegal Immigration? He certainly doesn’t speak for me and I’m an American. Maybe I’ll start a group and call it……

Daniel's Speech:

Let's give a real long welcome, Dan Smeriglio.

Hello everybody. Yes my mother is on the phone. My best friend, I wanted her to be here somehow someway.

First off to everybody across the street, especially those who like to throw Coca-Cola cans, don't worry I got my own. (laughing from audience.) I'm good, it's not frozen - here's to ya. Alright, first off, we've been called every name in the book this last week. Daryl I'm a child molester huh? (He's yelling) Very original. (Has this happened to him before?) Know the person you're making the accusations against. You are a racist, you are a scumbag, and you are un-American and that is the fact. (Is it? I'm not sure if Daryl called Daniel a child molester, but I don't know what makes Daryl un-American.) (audience cheers loudly. Daniel steps back from the podium to take it all in.)

How dare you label us! (He yells) How come everybody, it doesn't matter what color hair you have, you're a racist. If you're bald you must be a racist. Receding hairline, racist. African American, racist. No matter what you are you are a racist. (No Daniel it’s when you make baseless comments about groups of people that you’re a racist. Only those people that make these types of comments are considered racists. You can be anti-illegal immigration and not be a racist. You just have to be very careful about what you say because this is America after all. You remember, slavery and oppression of non white-European people.) Yes, I see you coming up here now. Good, what are you going to do? Try and make a scene regardless of the fact that's not the reason why we're here. (Video goes to a still clip of Daryl with the caption "Daryl of the One People's Project likes to spread rumors that people are child molesters.)

We give people like that the time of day, it makes us no better than them. (A woman says "Right on Dan." It sounded like it may have been Ruth Miller.) So, for all those that want to try to talk a good game and put us down here we are today. We made it, we're doing it and we've had it. And it's thanks to all of you out there. (A man says "Go Dan go.") I'm sorry I get a little emotional, but sometimes I feel strongly and I will speak my mind. (The emotion being used here is hate.) I am an advocate of freedom of speech sir. Even those who hate us I will support your freedom of speech. (Thanks for the support Daniel. It's exactly what I need. Just remember, though, I don't hate you I just don't like your ideals or activities.) but when you steal our identity, when you make slanderous remarks, harassment, terroristic threats, wrongful criminal accusations then I have a problem. Then, then, then you are breaking the law. Then you are against American. (Slander isn't a good thing, but speaking out against Daniel Smeriglio does not make you against America. Last I checked Daniel Smeriglio is not America. He actually represents a very small fraction of the population.) (A man yells "Welcome to the world wide web Daryl.") Some people are going to say how come there wasn't three thousand people out here it today. Numbers, numbers, numbers, numbers everything's about the numbers. You know what, I say this from day one, if one person shows up we've achieved our goal. (Such lofty aspirations. Yes, this justifies your lack of support which means people don't agree with you. Stop being arrogant.) (The audience cheers loudly.)...and I'm very grateful of the people we have here today. We did it. Unfortunately an individual on the inside of our movement decided to sabotage us. Regardless, scared off a couple speakers, but he's been exposed for the fraud that he is (Daniel is talking about David Marlett of Pro America companies) America does matter, but not to that man. Anyway. We started this thing a long time ago. Real long time ago, like four months ago and we managed to do things people said we couldn't do. (Narcissism is the best form of flattery.) Nobody said we could pull it off. Yeah. Bye. (He waves by to Daryl and gloatingly claps.) See that is a victory. That's what happens to nay sayers. Let me, let me bring up something real quick. I don't like to address the critics too much, but you know what? You all called for it, I'm going to deliver. Ok. When you have a thing on your website called the rogue list where you put people's face their name, their address, and where they work, and their phone number on it you are breaking the law. (applause) You should be held accountable. I don't care, I don't care who supports what agenda ok. Something we're here for today. Something we're her for today is to support America, is to embrace the rule of law in this country. To defend our country against those invading us illegally. That is why we are here. We care about America. There's people all around they believe it's a race issue, they believe it's this they believe it's that. You know what everybody is here today - we stand together under one concept, one precept that we are against illegal immigration. It is not a race issue. It's a matter of law. It's the rule of law. Illegal is illegal. It doesn't matter if you're Republican, Democrat, Catholic, Protestant, Lutheran, Black or White (What about Brown?) if you are here illegally you don't deserve to be here illegally - you don't deserve to be in this country. Excuse me. I get a little caught up sometimes.

Ok, so, what are we accomplishing here today - coming to the state capital? (Lady says "a lot.") (I say “I don’t know; I’m still waiting to find out.) You know what, it doesn't matter whose here and whose not here. They see us, they hear our voices and they're taking notice. All these media cameras. I can honestly say I know a lot of the media here and I give them a lot of respect, a lot of credibility to those that came from Hazleton and a long ways away. (applause) Here's too ya. You guys care enough when you report the news the way it's supposed to be reported as the news, not your opinion of the news. Ok, and I give that a lot of respect. Regardless of the fact (Daniel's catch phrase) we are here, these cameras get out to more people that decided to sit home, relax, take it easy, they don't want to get involved, they're afraid. (Way to judge others. Maybe they just don't agree with you. Is that something you can accept? No Daniel you're not a god. Just because you secured a podium and a Saturday doesn't make your words mean anything.) So many people make so many are afraid to come to these rallies. (Maybe because skin heads are there.) We have radio dj's (he dances a bit) I know you're here. And I do respect your freedom of speech sir, but I don't appreciate when you tell people that the KKK is going to come rolling in here high and proud. (No, not the KKK, just skin heads. Yes Daniel they were right in front of you as you spoke.) I don't appreciate it when you tell everybody there's going to be violence like you've never scene before. (What?) Catastrophe. A terrorist attack on this country is going to happen at one of our rallies. Shut up. (Oh, I thought you supported freedom of speech.) (much applause from the audience)

Everybody said we couldn't get it, we couldn't get it done, we couldn't do it, whatever. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of hearing it. We have gotten it done and we're here today to announce to announce to you all that this is just the end of our summer rallies. Ok. (Oh, I though you were there to tell everyone about the illegal immigration problem. Instead you're just gloating about the fact that you were able to have the rally. I'm sure that helped your cause quite a bit.) End of the summer. There's still a fall, ok. (Thanks Daniel, we didn't understand the concept of seasons so this helps us. Will the seasons stop to progress if more illegal immigrants come over?) The beginning of October we're going to state representative Daryl Metcalfe’s hometown. We're going to go out there, Pittsburgh area, Butler country, and we're going to do it again. (No, today is October 29th and you didn't have a Pittsburgh rally did you?) So everybody come. And, and to the people that were deterred to come here because of those who want to make us look like something we're not. They have apologized and respectfully I've, it means a lot to me. They're going to be there in Pittsburgh. There will be some big names that'll surprise all of you. (Yep, I'm surprised.) Regardless of the fact, we're doing it, we keep doing it and we're not going to stop. And it's long road ahead. (applause) (A man suggests he go to another city, but I can't tell what he said.) We have to afford to get there. We all pay out of pocket. It's been here, every speaker. See something others don't understand is, it's not a Voice of The People rally (No, it's a Voice of The People USA rally.) It's not our group - everybody else is allowed to speak at it. We stand here united as one. Every speaker that comes here stands united. We stand on one platform. We provide the stage, you are the audience (he's pointing at the audience.) you are the voice and we're here to defend, uphold your voices and make our politicians who are failing to hear us - aware of what's going on around us. Ok, remember always - they are our employees. I'd like to thank John Clark, amazing man, you've done a lot for us. I'm grateful for it. Everybody that came out. Andrew Woodring, best friend. Renee Butts, secretary. Excellent worker, God bless you. Export the Import - you didn't sell your shirts today, but you know what you're still an amazing person, you're an amazing group of people. (Yes, that just happened to have a reference to Storm Front on their website until it was brought out into the open. They then took it down.) Marian Davies, You Don't Speak For Me, I love all of you, I respect all of you. You mean everything to all of us. Carmen Morales, your husband, everybody, everybody that came out today. Pokerface. So, in closing, I understand that our goal is far from being accomplished. We're not going to stop when it gets cold, we're going to go inside. And we're going to invite everybody to come to them and we're going to continue to hold our politicians feet to their fire. Excuse the pun. (What was the pun?) And we're not going to stop until we get the job done. (That makes two of us.) We demand results. We demand real homeland security. I'm honored, honored to be a part of 9/11 Families For A Secure America. That means a lot to me. God bless you Mr. Gatiel, Mr. Kowalski. Why did 9/11 happen? (Woman says "we were asleep.") We have no homeland security. Our borders were open. (Which border was open? It's funny that a plot by our government is considered crazy conspiracy theory, but the idea that a man living in a cave is responsible is completely acceptable. - I believe Luis Black said this.) People who don't deserve to be in this country committing these crimes and get away with it. Regardless, has anything been done after 9/11 to protect our country. The influx of illegals has been doubled. Do we not see that as a priority. (No, actually I think stopping the Iraq war is a priority) Do we not see that as a concern we need to address? Do not live in fear anymore. (What? I though we were supposed to be afraid of the hordes of invaders.) We will continue to fight for all of you, and us, and we're going to keep going, town by town, we're going to go city to city until we go broke - we're almost there now, but we're going to keep going, work another job or two or three it's ok. (How many jobs do you need? What about all the jobless Americans whose jobs have been taken by illegal immigrants? Why don't you save some jobs for other people?) to continue to put our message out there. And to the ACLU that had a press conference today. You lose. And the ACLU, the American Civil Liberties Union (audience applauds Daniel calling them out) to try and deny American citizens their civil liberties, to you I say go to hell. (Christian?) Every group that hates us, right back atcha. We're not going to stop. Thank you all, God bless you all, God bless America.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Paul Topete - Voice of the People Rally - Harrisburg, PA

I agree with Paul when it comes to the North American Union and the other insanities perpetrated by Bush, but it would be nice to see him show a little more compassion for his fellow man.

Weird comments like this don't help either:

As long as you have elections of leadership they'll always put their own people there.

Introduction: One more speaker - Paul Pokerface. How about a loud round of applause.

Paul: Good afternoon my fellow Americans. Thank you for showing up today. And to all the law enforcement officials, sorry you have to be here on such a beautiful day. Ok, In American we should not even have to be doing this. (that's right. It's just that our government is not helping us.)

It seems like government is the root of all our problems because it is an act of government, but they're taking marching orders as Mr. Goldsborough so aptly put it - from the top and the bottom. Because that's how they work - and they work not only on countrties, but they work within groups - whether the patriot groups or the truth loving groups, America loving groups. As long as you have elections of leadership they'll always put their own people there. Okay, so always be aware of the Judist ghosts(?) because they're everywhere.

Now, what we need to address, and what Peter, Mr. Yarborough? No, Goldsborough said - the problem here is globalism, alright. Illegal immigration is an ugly symptom of it, alright. Now (Vina Alsana?) the Mexican national who is now illegal immigrant, who is now a naturalized citizen. My mom goes way back in this country, but on my dad's side I'm first generation. Now when he came every year we had to go to Mexico to get his visa renewed, alright. That's what a legal person or trying to get legal status here naturally does. What we have problems with the line jumpers. If you jump the line at Disney World what happens? They kick you out of the ball park, okay. Here in America they give you everything but the bathwater, alright. (that's right)

So we need to attack those that fund the groups that are the storm troopers on the streets, okay. We need to attack the globalist corporations who buy the prostititions and the prestitutes. They don't tell you the story because the media has now become the enemy. Mainstream media does not tell you that there is an invasion, in fact they sell you that amnesty is the - is the proper way to go, okay. Now many things that Ronny Raygun did - the amnesty act that he did in '86 was wrong for America and now we're seeing the fruits of it, okay. Now with Jorge in office, he's only trying to put the final nail in the coffin of America. And I just recently got back from a three week vacation in Mexico 'cause I love to go visit my dad's family. They're beautiful people. It's a beautiful country. They got more miles of beaches that you can enjoy all year round than any other place in the world, alright. Mexico is a beautiful country - tons of beautiful people, okay. Wonderful food, wonderful culture. Now my last visitation is sickened me to see how much of a Babylon we have exported in terms of the Micki D's, in terms of the Kentucky Fried Chickens, in terms of the 7-11's. Mexico doesn't need that, okay. Just as much as we don't need the southwest of our country to be Latinized. I love my Hispanic side of myself, but Mexico is Mexico and America is America, alright. (let's keep it that way. yeah! applause) Let's keep it that way.

Now, talking about the illegal immigration issue my cousins in Mexico brought up a couple of things. China's flooding Mexico with Chinese. And they hate it as much as we hate the, you know, slave wages - wage invasion that we're having here, okay - and a lot of them are not actually buying Chinese made goods. I wish more Americans did that, okay. Because it all comes down to economics. If we can starve the globalists we can free America, alright. Now the globalist corporations they have no loyalty to God, country, or family. They have loyalty to the money, okay. Anything that you can do locally; anything that you can do to help your neighbor is helping an American, alright. Anything you can do to expose a politician, a prestitute, or anyone that is a helper, okay, needs to be outed whether it's on a blog, whether it's to your community, whether it's to your neighbor. It happens, it starts with you, it starts with me. Okay, as an individual, which is what America is about - the freedom of the individual - sovereign individual, okay, is paramount. And that's what we have to teach, not just ourselves, but our young - our younger generation and the generation that comes after them, alright. Being born an American we were given a gift and unfortunately most of us take it for granted. What we need to export to the world is not the socialistic democracy, okay, the constitutional republic freedom. Because I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America to this (people in crowd shout "republic.") - thank you, okay. Not democracy. It's more garbage they sell to us in schools they sell to us in the news, okay. So to defeat globalism we need to elect officials that destroy NAFTA. Look, to all the groups that are protesting if you really love the hispanies and baiters that are coming here then you march with me down to Washington D.C. and demand that NAFTA get overturned - that the World Trade Organization gets destroyed. -- trade gets destroyed. That is the vehicle that they're using to subvert our constitution. Now when I was in Mexico I ask my cousin said so what do you think about becoming a Mexican - a Mexicamericanadiano. What? (what the hell is that?) Well dude you're going to be a part of the North American union so you might as well get used to that label. He was like Mexico first man and I was like yeah, America first man, alright. So there's a lot of individuals from Canada from America and Mexico that do not want any of this global garbage, okay. Stop buying Chinese made goods, okay, it's made with slave labor. A lot of it's polluting. We're finding out how much of the food - how many or our animals need to die? okay. Don't they always experiment with the animals first to see if it works? And then you try it on the humans. And why are we importing food from China? That's..... I thought we were like the bread basket of the world. Right? Okay. Again, it's all about the money, okay. So the solution is the local solution. What we can grow, what we can create and make for ourselves. Starve the globalists; make it happen here, okay. America starts here and Harrisburg is a beautiful place to start with. God bless. Amen. (man shouts "who are you?")

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Daryl Metcalfe - Voice of the People Rally - Harrisburg, PA

It is sad to see a representative of our government supporting such hateful things. To have this type of argument in this country is very unfortunate. As with many others, I grew up being taught that the United States was a land of freedom composed of immigrants. It is referred to as the great melting pot, but this reference is being eroded by a fanatical movement to remove immigrants, though here illegally, that are working and truly want to be a part of this free land.

In my opinion this issue is a the culmination of a gathered selfishness. Ironically though, it is this same selfishness that has provided the door to these "illegal" immigrants. For these people that are rallying around the "deport now" slogans and the "build the wall" message, how has this cheap labor affected their ability to buy things? All companies go for the lowest bid. These anti-"illegals" are delusional if they think they have not had extended buying power from the "illegal" immigrants' labor.

Jobs will not free up when and if these "illegal" immigrants are driven out of the country. It is already happening that companies are sending their factories to other countries. Just look at where your shoes, shirts, jackets, televisions, and even the computer you may be reading this on are made. Where is the website telling me how to buy US made products? What happened to Wal-marts "Made In America" kick. It's gone. Gone because Americans are selfish. They want to buy, buy, buy, but they don't want to have to look at the people who toil for there luxury. This has always been the case and will continue to be.

Metcalfe is as selfish as any of these people. Just read his speech. "I came up with this" and "I created that." Why not give others credit Daryl? Will it not lead to reelection? Is it hard to get out of your own skin and think of what others may be feeling?

We've been cruel long enough. Let's start to show some compassion. For those that like to call this an "invasion" by "illegal" immigrants let me tell you of an invasion that the United States is currently involved in. That, of course, is the Iraq war. Now that is the definition of an "invasion." Going in to another country to find a job and to work does not constitute an "invasion." However, when you're a hateful person that doesn't like to look at others who are "different" then you'll call it an "invasion."

Just imagine yourself happy for a moment. Now, in this moment of happiness, what is happening? Are millions of people being sent back to an impoverished country to probably die? Well, I'm sad you feel that way. I guess I always thought it was better to help and get along with others.

Daryl’s speech:

Introduction: I'd like to introduce our first speaker. I'm not from Pennsylvania, but I understand he's a real hero here in this state. He was elected in '98, state representative. He's also the lead sponsor for National Security Begins At Home. He's also the founder of the State Legislature for Legal Immigration. There are 32 states signed up right now, with different legislatures, 32. So I hope you give a really nice welcome for representative Daryl Metcalfe. (applause)

Daryl Metcalfe: Good afternoon. State Representative Daryl Metcalfe. I'm from Luzerne Pennsylvania - Butler country in western Pennsylvania. Made the drive here today on labor day weekend, about 4 hour drive across the state to come here because this is one of the most important issues facing our nation. (applause)

Thank you all for being here it's good to see Americans out here that are willing to stand up for their rights as American citizens and to stand up for protecting our great nation. It was very appropriate to lead off with our pledge to allegiance, because the allegiance to our nation has been lacking in Washington D.C. (applause) Our federal government, for decades, has been awal in fulfilling their constitutional responsibility to protect the state against invasion which is a clearly defined constitutional role of the federal government. They have been so negligent, so irresponsible, in their lack of doing their duty that it is time, it is well past time for state legislators to pull together and call upon our federal government to do what it was that they were founded to do - and that's protect our nation. (applause)

My first experience with illegal aliens was as a young eighteen year old soldier stationed in Fort Bliss, Texas in El Paso, Texas. When I first went to Texas going there from upstate New York where I grew up, was my first encounter, one of my fellow soldiers was a American born Mexican-American and had relatives that were still in Mexico and even at that time he shared with me his problems and his concern about illegal aliens that were coming into our nation at that time. Well then it seemed like a border state problem - it seemed like a southern border state problem, but here we are, that was back in 1981, that I was in El Paso. Here we are twenty-six years later and it's no longer just a southern border state problem. This is a national problem. This is an illegal alien invasion. This is occurring on the soil of America. If we do not, if we do not stop the invasion it will be the end of America as it's been known. (that's right. we got to win this thing. You got that right.) (applause)

I am state representative here in the state of Pennsylvania and I'm joined with several of my colleagues. state representative Tom Creighton, state representative Scott Perry, state representative Mark Mustio and a couple of other co-sponsors. And we have introduced this session a package of legislation that we've entitled National Security Begins at Home. The rule of law is of the utmost importance to Americans. It is not appropriate for anyone to try and come into our nation and ignore our law to get here. (someone says "true" then there's laughing and applause) You'll here from a speaker today that represents a group of individuals who have been severely impacted by those horrific attacks on 9-11 that took so many American lives. How quickly our politicians in Washington D.C. and across this country forget that it is time to battle this war on terror. And the only way to end the war on terror, on our soil, is to make sure we have secure borders. ("that's right) That's why we entitled our package of legislation in Pennsylvania "National Security Begins At Home." Our package of legislation would go after employers who are hiring illegals. It would go after public benefits that illegals are able to tap into. It would ensure that our law enforcement is able to enforce immigration law in Pennsylvania in conjunction with working with ICE. ("Amen." applause)

A lot of talking heads around the country have tried to make the argument that we shouldn't address the illegal alien invasion with those that are already in our borders because it's impossible to round up millions of people and deport them. Well I say you don't have to round 'em up if you shut off the economic faucet. You shut off the jobs, you shut off the benefits they'll go home on their own. (applause "that's the easy way to do it.")

After working on this legislation last session and holding hearings across the great state of Pennsylvania with many of my colleagues in Republican Policy Committee and finding out more information like we found out from Attorney General Corbett's office that we are spending millions of dollars a year in Pennsylvania, as Pennsylvania tax payers incarcerating illegal aliens who are committing crimes and we are not being reimbursed that money by the federal government who has allowed those illegals to come here. (applause) We are spending hundreds of millions of dollars in Pennsylvania as Pennsylvania tax payers on educational benefits, on health care benefits that are being delivered to illegal aliens that do not belong here. We are having crimes committed across this state from the black tar heroin ring that was busted out in Allegany, Beaver country this year, to the murders in Altoona to a recent capture of an illegal alien who stabbed a police officer in New York and fled to Pennsylvania, to the illegal aliens who are training to attack our soldiers at Fort Dix, right here training in Pennsylvania. It is time to bring this to an end. (That's right. applause)

And after looking at the information that we gleamed from those committee hearing, and after working on our own package her in Pennsylvania and seeing how the federal government has tied the hands of states and local governments. Local governments like Hazleton and the mayor of Hazleton who's battling illegal, illegal alien invasion there in his home town trying to ensure that we put an end to this - at least in his community. Well we've watched and seen how the feds have tied our hands and passed (holds and up with quotes) immigration law. We need congress to work with us and that's when I came up with the idea of working with my staff and working with colleagues that we need to move forward with a national effort. And that national effort that I founded earlier this year, that I started working on last year is called State Legislatures For Legal Immigration - State Legislatures For Legal We currently have thirty-one states represented in that coalition and we are working to build it out to fifty because every person that's in office that raises their hand and swears to uphold and defend the constitutions of our great country and our states individually and respectively. Every individual in office has an oath to defend that constitution and needs to be with us to put pressure on congress.
Our mission as State Legislatures For Legal Immigration is to push and force and call upon the federal government to work with those of us that serve at the state level that work with our local communities to secure the borders to shut off the economic faucets of illegal jobs and illegal benefits illegals are tapping into and to once again secure our great nation and protect American lives and property. (applause)

The sign up front that says "Stop The Invasion" - that's the word that I've been using to describe the activity that's occurring in this nation and has been occurring. This is an invasion. You cannot call hundreds of thousands of people coming across your border every year anything less than an invasion.

I served on foreign soil to secure a foreign border while I served in the United States Army as a soldier. (applause) There is no excuse when we have secured the borders of Korea and Germany and Kuwait and other nations around this world - there's no excuse why our border has been left unattended. ("that's right" applause "negligence!")

That's the reason I use the word awal - absent without leave - for describing the activity of a congress and a president - not just this president, but every president over the last several decades that has failed to secure our borders is partially responsible for what's going on. Whether they're republican or democrat they're responsible. It is time to be accountable and be responsible and protect the citizens of this nation.

Everyone have a great labor day and we'll continue the fight and we need your help to do it. (applause)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Michael Huff - Voice of the People Rally - Harrisburg, PA

Though I may not agree with the wars Michael was asked to fight in, including Desert Storm, which is true for many Americans, I do commend the fact that he gave his life to protecting this country. Though he is still with us, all military personnel are freely accepting that they may not make it back alive when they are sent to duty.

It was interesting to hear that the deaths of the soldier's he mentioned were due to some dirt bag piece of trash in some foreign country because as we all know, especially from the highly publicized death of Pat Tillman, that many soldiers die from friendly fire and accidents.

I also have to add that I support my troops by not supporting war. I do not support the Iraq war nor did I support Desert Storm which was simply a reaction of the US to their putting Saddam into power and then realizing he was going to actually use it. Though I do think we need a military and I appreciate every last one that serves, I would certainly like to see them alive and well here in the US and not in another country fighting for the president rather than for the people.

Would you give a warm welcome to retired Lt. Colonel Michael Huff who's done security up here.

Michael Huff's Speech:
Marine corps. (applause)

One of the reasons I just wanted to have a short moment to say something. I'm not a speaker. As most of our military know we don't dictate the law we just follow our orders. But if you walk around this great city - and I was really quite shocked, and my friend Frank George, who I came here with, and I'm a proud member of the minutemen with him, we were looking at the pictures on these posters of all these military personnel and Franks taking a picture going look at these guys it's really great. And I said wait a minute why do you think there's two dates on their? A date they were brought into this world by our mother and father - there mother especially - and the other date is the day they were killed by some dirt bag piece of trash in some foreign country.

The only reason I say that is in the twenty years of serving my country, the last three were Desert Storm, and when you live with the nightmares of the individuals you've had to take whether they be men, women, or children you come back with a different attitude and a different view and there is no changing that. We have young individuals of twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two years of age that aren't coming back, but the ones who are left to come back aren't the same. They need our help, they need our support. They need the understanding that there's no question or need that they should ever have to ask or want that we don't give freely. Unfortunately our government and our politics dictates an issue at hand that, well you did what you did - see you later. And I know for a fact because I'm living with some issues from Desert Storm and that's alright, that's not a problem. I'm back here and I can walk and talk.

John Clark - Voice of the People Rally - Harrisburg, PA

John Clark's speech, though not full of violence or hate speech, is actually a rather disturbing one. What is disturbing about it (besides the fact that he's very noticeably chewing gum through the whole thing) is that he seems to have no problem making things up as he goes. He just makes a bunch of generic statement that sometimes don't even make sense.

Now the reason they put twenty-three lawyers against the town of Hazleton was because if the town lost the town would have to pay for those twenty-three lawyers. - Ok, this means the town really doesn't think they have a case?

Cities are going bankrupt, hospitals are going bankrupt because of the illegal invasion. This has nothing to do with immigration. - What? Every "illegal" immigrant is an "invader." Aliens and invaders. Is this a sci-fi movie?

Then he says My wife is a legal immigrant from Venezuela. Well what does that have to do with this issue? It's not an immigration issue right? He doesn't care about all the other Hispanics just because he married a woman from Venezuela. Being friends with, or married to a particular person does not mean you care about others of their race or culture or even their family. Most people don't even get along with their in laws let alone the entirety of their cultural background.

I also find it odd that he left California assumably because he couldn't combat the rise of Hispanics there. But isn't staying where you were born to do something about your own territory (see We fought our revolution, go home and fight yours) what these anti-immigrants like to chant? Why didn't John stay there and fight the problem?

And what is the deal with the threat on Jesse Peterson's life. Why is there no information about this anywhere online? I don't even see anything Jesse has written about it. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough.

He states "if you speak the truth you'll be threatened."

John's Speech:

Flag's up here up front.

(Say the pledge)

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

(man holding VOPUSA sign "Where's the Fence - Close the Border in 90 Days"
does sign of the cross)

Jessie Peterson has been a friend of mine for over thirteen years. I've never seen him afraid before like he is now. His life is in danger. He's had death threats. He can't even walk to an airport. He has to have a security guard, a body guard with him at all times, because he speaks the truth.

Jesse and I stared with the immigration issue thirteen years ago. Then he started BOND, building a new destiny for black youths. Like I said, I've never seen him scared like this, but this is what's happening in this country. If you speak the truth you're going to be threatened or you're going to be put out of business. Like Mayor Barletta.

Now the A-a-a (unable to get it out) - (Audience helps - "ACLU") There's so many of those acronyms (audience member - "four letter words") Yeah, four letter words. They want 2.3 million dollars from the town of Hazleton. Now the reason they put twenty-three lawyers against the town of Hazleton was because if the town lost the town would have to pay for those twenty-three lawyers. This is what they've done all over the country. Any city that tries to have the laws enforced they get them struck down or they get them scared that they're going to be faced with a lawsuit. I think everybody knows who I'm talking about.

This has to cease because it's happening all over the country. Cities are going bankrupt, hospitals are going bankrupt because of the illegal invasion. This has nothing to do with immigration. AIC supports legal immigration. Illegal immigration is against the law. If they can break the law why can't we? (applause) It's rewarding illegal behavior. It's sending a message to our young kids "Hey, it's ok to break the law and be rewarded."

Giving citizenship to an illegal alien's child that breaks the law - comes across the border - is like giving a bank robber (pause ) money. Like this Elvira - she's concerned, so concerned about her childe, about her son yet he's still here in this country and she's in Mexico (audience "that's right" - "that's where she should stay.") Every one of these illegals should be rounded up and deported - every single one of 'em. (applause - "yeah!" - "no North American union!") I'd like to say we are for legal immigration. My wife is a legal immigrant from Venezuela. She get very upset when she hears the term "illegal immigrant." They are not immigrants. The correct term is illegal alien, now they are called invaders because that's exactly what they are. (applause) Immigrants, immigrants that made this country great came here and wanted to become an American citizen. They couldn't wait to learn the English language, but now they come here with a fist, clenched fist and a hand out. They don't go back because you the taxpayers are supporting them. The open borders crowd is making a lot of money off of this, being funded by these left wing foundations. (I can see he's chewing gum. Most great speakers do this.) This has to stop we have to get it under control, we have to stop these employers - EVS is the only way we're going to get it and already - they've already failed a lawsuit to stop these cities from enforcing employer verification system. They will self deport themselves.

Dwight David Eisenhower rounded up one million illegals - deported 'em because he wanted American citizens to have jobs. We can do the same thing. (applause) And the nonsense about twelve million illegals, we've been hearing this for about ten years. It's closer to thirty-million illegals. (boo from audience) Thirty-million illegals in this country and they have no allegiance to this country. Forces acting upon illegal immigration - the cheap labor, the banks, the Catholic church, Catholic charities. The FLCIO sponsors illegal aliens. Catholic charities receives a billion and a half dollars annually from federal and state taxes for refugee resettlement. (boo from audience) I'm originally from California with proposition 187. We started proposition 187 to cut off benefits to illegal aliens. I couldn't figure out why the teachers and the doctors were against this until I found out how much money they were making for bilingual education. In the magic kingdon card illegals get free medical. My wife can't get free medical. (boos from audience) Our citizens can't get free medical, our veterans are sleeping under freeways in California. I’ve seen 'em. (audience "that's a crime.") Hospitals in California are going bankrupt. But I just hope that you get involved because you have to
do it. The federal government is not going to do it. All of this is a dog and pony show rounding up these illegals right now. They're trying to get the employers so upset they're going to put more pressure on 'em and say look how much a head of lettuce is now. This has nothing to do with lettuce, it's jobs all through our economy.

(Audience "Build the wall." and then a lady says "We can grow lettuce.")

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mariann Davies - Voice of the People Rally - Harrisburg, PA

Mariann Davies is with the group You Don't Speak For Me. Their name is very ironic in my opinion, but at least they realize that they also don't "speak for me."

Thankfully she did not get into the hate speech and insinuations that all "illegal" immigrants are murderers like her colleagues from New Jersey did. (Carmen Morales and Miguel Cruz.) However, she is very obviously upset. So much so that she couldn't remember if it was her father or her grandfather that immigrated here. After telling us it was her father she simply regressed into the common chant "this is not our grandfather's and father's" America. Maybe she doesn't understand what was happening in our grandfather's America, but many minorities of that time surely have a few stories.

Why do these groups continue intimating at this country's past as if it was all bubble-gum and parades? Have they forgotten about the extreme racism that held this country throughout the majority of the last century? Or is it just a convenient chant to make people feel that we've lost them good ol' days. You know, the days when it was legal to lynch someone and colored people were segregated from whites.

Just because Mariann's group is made up of Hispanics does not mean they are not prejudice and/or racist. Intercultural racism and prejudice is very much prevalent throughout the world. This is currently very apparent in Rwanda.

While Mariann stresses about how to pay for college for her four children (her choice to have that many) others throughout the world are trying to figure out where their next meal will come from. There are currently 143 million orphans in the world. Why not adopt? Either way I'd rather be trying to figure out how to pay for college then how I'm going to pay for my next meal.

Lastly, it is very disturbing to me that Mariann would stand before a considerable amount of skinheads and white supremacists and give her speech. This is far more ironic than the name of her group. If she has no problem speaking against La Raza why wouldn't she speak against those skinheads at the rally? link

Mariann Davies:

I'm not sure if you can see me over this. (laughing - she is just slightly taller than the podium) but thank you everyone for coming. Thank you to all the Pennsylvanians that are here.

I just want to tell you a little bit for those of you that don't know our organization - I'm also standing with two of our other founding members, Carmen Morales and Joe Perez from New Jersey. I live in beautiful Bucks County Pennsylvania and I'm a proud citizen of this commonwealth.

My family, my parents were legal immigrants from Quito, Ecuador. They - my father came here over fifty years ago. He became a proud naturalized citizen. He served this country in Korea during the Korean war - proudly. My parents did everything the right way. We expect everyone to follow the rules no matter where they come from. It is unfair when there is 3 million applications for people to become naturalized citizens or are trying to bring their family members abroad, from abroad legally and have to wait sometimes a decade to get paperwork done. And we have an open door to the south. We have millions of people here who have cheated. To my children I say how fare is that? We tell our children you have to stand in line, you have to wait your turn, but on the other hand, in our country, that's not the case. If you cheat you prosper. And those of us who are following the rules or come from families who've played by the rules. This is not my grandfather's or my father's America any more either.

Like all Americans we are all so very proud of our ancestral heritage. In our private lives we cherish many of the customs and traditions that our ancestors brought to this country, but we affirm our status as citizens of the US in our civic lives. We are first and foremost Americans. (applause) We embrace the principles of our nation and the rule of law which are set forth in our constitution and we reject all attempts to divide this nation along ethnic, racial, or religious lines. (applause) And to those of you here who are with La Raza our group came together because when sat there and we watched millions of illegal aliens and their supporters - the profiteers of illegal immigration - the businesses, the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the National Lawyers Guild, the SCIU, the Service Employees International Union, the ACLU, Answer LA, and communist and socialist organizations supporting those who break our laws. Having these marches in the cities of our streets, excuse me, in the streets of our cities, we were highly offended. Not only because they purported to speak for all Hispanics and making everybody think, including you that we all think that way. We came together to say "No mas." (applause)

You Don't Speak For Me supports an immigration policy that requires everyone to respect the laws of this nation that protects the legitimate interests of the American people. That embraces newcomers of all backgrounds who obey our laws. Who contribute to the common good and endeavor to become a part of the fabric of American society. We are all from different immigrant backgrounds we may have been here generations, but what unites us is our language, the respect for the laws and customs and norms of this great nation and assimilation.

We believe these views are shared by the vast majority of Americans including those of Hispanic heritage. Any individual or organization that does not espouse these core values does not speak for us.

Again, I'm here as an American. I am also a proud spouse of a Union Member, a mother of four children, a daughter of legal naturalized citizens and a proud citizen of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I also want to encourage all of you to get on the phones next week and call your local state representatives, your local state senators and demand, not ask, not insist - we're way past that - demand that they get Daryl Metcalve's legislation out of committee, on to the floor for a vote. I do not want to stand in front of a podium a month from now, two months from now calling to an end for sanctuary policies in Pennsylvania because of some tragedy. I don't want us to wait until something horrible happens like what happened in New Jersey. We have already had enough of our citizens in this, in this state and even in my county being victimized by criminal illegal aliens who have been deported before - who have had many encounters with local law enforcement and there's no cooperation or a cohesive policy with local law enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security. I do not want to become another sanctuary state, I am done with that, I don't want to be like New Jersey. I want Governer Rendell to take this issue seriously. He's being silent on the matter because he thinks Pennsylvanians don't care. I don't want to wait any longer. We need to stop the sanctuary state, sanctuary policies, we need to be proactive in Pennsylvania, not reactive. Not one more victim.

And with that I just want to keep it short. Thank you all for coming. Make sure you get on the phones.

The last thing I want to say was mentioned briefly, the Dream Act. Those of you that don't know - might not know what that is. Right now they're trying to pass amnesty piecemeal. The Dream Act for me is something in particular that hits home. We have four children and we are trying to figure out how we are going to afford for them to go to college. And apparently all of us have been contributing tax dollars that the illegal alien lobby wants us to contribute to subsidize college tuition for illegal alien students that are here right now. (applause and booing) To make matters worse, not only are they demanding that we subsidize in state college tuition and benefits to any public college and university in this country for illegal aliens, but they also want those illegal alien students to become citizens when they graduate. I have a problem with that. First of all, it puts an illegal alien student - and I know many of them may have come her as children not through there own will, but the bottom line, just like financial aid - we're rewarding their families for crossing the border illegally. And we're going to give them college tuition? That puts an illegal alien college student under the dream act in a better position than any US citizen college student in any of the other 49 states. It also is incredibly fundamentally unfair to all of the hundreds of thousand of foreign students who come here under student visas. They often have to show money in the bank before they come across - before they come to the United States to pay for their tuition. They're not allowed to tap into any public or federal financial aid or state loans or governments or grants and they certainly do not - are not automatically entitled to citizenship. When their student visa runs out they have to go home and then they can reapply to be a citizen. So basically again the Dream Act would put an illegal alien student not only in a better position than ever US citizen college student, but even those that come from abroad and play by the rules. We have to stop the Dream Act. It's on the floor right now. Call your federal legislators.

And with that, ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for having us. Enjoy your labor day weekend.

God bless America. (applause)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Joey Vento - Voice of the People Rally - Harrisburg, PA

Here we go again. Joey states in his speech that all "illegal" immigrants are murdering and raping us. Do they collectively get together to do this? How do 30 million (per their numbers) people molest 8 children? How do they murder 25 people? Obviously every "illegal" immigrant is not molesting children or murdering people. Very few of them are. Just as very few "legal" citizens are as well.

All I have to do to some this speech up is post the following quote:
And as far as the anchor babies - you come here pop a baby, pick it up and take it back to Mexico.

So, there's no racism or prejudice here? It's all about the law? Are all "illegal" immigrants from Mexico?

This is how this group will continue trying to motivate the public to join them - through bloated numbers and hate speech.

Let me remind Mr. Vento that:

When the new wave of Italian immigration to Pennsylvania began in the late 1870s, most of the newcomers were young single men from the villages of southern Italy. Although many were agricultural laborers, most had some knowledge of the wage system of labor. Previous to their arrival in Pennsylvania, many had migrated from their native villages to work as seasonal laborers. Some of these immigrants, who were occasionally referred to as “birds of passage,” were assisted by padrones, or labor agents, in finding employment and living accommodations.

The Italian immigrants of Philadelphia formed hundreds of clubs, organizations and associations, both to help their countrymen adjust to life in the United States and to preserve their language and cultural heritage.

Italian Immigration to Pennsylvania

When he speaks of the America his grandparents came to, may I also reference:

During the late 1800s and early 20th Century, Italian Americans were the second most likely group (next to African Americans) to be lynched. One of the largest lynchings in US history occurred in New Orleans in 1891, when eleven Italians were violently murdered in the streets by a large lynch mob. Riots and lynchings against Italian Americans continued into the twentieth century in the South as well as in New York City, New York, Chicago, and Boston.
Racial Violence in the United States

Why won't we ever learn?

First part of his speech:

Introduction: To Joey Vento, Geno's Steaks.

Joey Vento: Listen it's great to be here. No you've got to understand something - I am not a politician. I am just an average Joe and I'm going to tell you how I feel.

One thing I'd like to clarify. I understand the people across the street there think that we're bad people and I would like you to go to the country that you think is better than this country.

I'm not going to go over everything that's already been said because it's already done so I'll try to keep it short, sweet, or what I think this is.

These illegal invaders and that just what they are invaders. They are not the kind of immigrants that our grandparents were. When our grandparents came her - like with my family they were tickled pink to be here. They died in their eighties still struggling to learn the language, but they knew to be successful in America you had to speak English. And I had made a statement in the very beginning that's why the second and third generation were prosperous. Now here, in this case here I said the Spanish people were never prosperous. Why? Because my father, when he went to school speaking Italian there was no choice. It was strictly English. Had he had a choice I probably would have been speaking Italian today. So the Spanish people I say to you, you want to be prosperous - 'cause I called you morons and I'm going to tell you why (audience laughing). As long as you've got Spanish in the school you'll never ever succeed in the United States of America. A complete success. Because the only true success in America is you must speak English.

As far as the parties we all agree, there's two parties with one head. One head. What I say is when November comes we go against we look at each individual. We look at the person that wants to help secure our borders and thinks like us. The rest of them you vote them out and you vote this guy in whether he's a Democrat or Republican you vote him in because that's how we're going to get America back. They are draining our system there is no question. They're running...we already heard about the murderers so I don't want to go into that and the child that they're molesting.

Here we are. We're a country that owes the children - we've got to worry about our children. He we are - they're killing like 25 of us a day which we already know. They're molesting about 8 children a day. That's two reasons alone why we can get them out of here. There is no such word as "can't" - no not in the American language. Don't say you can't do it. We are the greatest country in the world we can do anything we want.

We have people that have been waiting patiently for over almost 15 years that already paid their dues they want to assimilate, learn our culture, know our language, and want to do these jobs. The people that we're allowing to come over - all we're getting is drug dealers and murders. There's no accountability. Since there is no accountability we got this 12 million figure, which John brought up the 30 million, which it could be possibly. I brought it up that if there's no accountability on the 12, why couldn't it be 20 million? I mean if there's no accountability. And John you're right, they didn't fall through the cracks they walked right through the doorway. We're allowing it. We gotta learn the police department. We gotta take the handcuffs off the policemen and put it on the thugs where they rightfully belong. And you can't report people for..... crime. And as far as the anchor babies - you come here pop a baby, pick it up and take it back to Mexico.

These people came here with the criminal intent knowing that if they pop this baby out that they're going to get all the benefits and we won't take mommy and daddy away from the kids. Fine. Take the baby and go back to Mexico. (applause) We already know it's happening in Texas. They've shown that over and over in the news. Now the anchor babies are living in Mexico with their mommies and daddies while they're enjoying the benefits of our country. They're coming back and forth every day through the border, into the schools in Texas at a cost of one billion dollars a year. They're going to kill us economically. I mean, I just want to say American people better wake up.

This is the greatest country in the world. Anybody ever thinks different - they should get out. I mean these people are coming here. They don't want to assimilate. That's a definite there. They want us to learn their language and their culture. You already came from the country doing that. Stay there. The girl from that Church in Chicago (audience helps with name " Elvira") yeah whatever her name Elviva, Biwaba, Jibaba (laughing from audience) yeah whatever it is. I mean there's a women that had the audacity to say that we broke the law first. Oh no excuse me. I'll agree that we helped you along there. We didn't break the law we just didn't enforce it. You broke the law, there's a big difference there. Now she's in Mexico saying "oh, how nice it is to walk down the street free. I have a job, I feel safe." Go and tell the other 12 or 20 million illegals. They'll all go back and every body's going to be happy over there. (applause)

I mean, you got problems over in Mexico. Fix what's broken over in Mexico. Don't come into our country and try to break a system that is very effective and works. We are a country of laws. You can't be rewarded for breaking our laws. And they first broke our law by coming into this country illegally. That would be like me saying I left the backdoor of my house open, for whatever reason, stupidity, I forgot, it still doesn't give anyone the right to come into my home without my permission.

America can't be a country like in a third world country. Do you want your kid's kids later on three or four generations from now vying for jobs. Two dollars an hour your going to so, oh yeah I'll do it for a dollar seventy-five - oh wait a minute, I'll do it for a dollar fifty. Is that the legacy we want? My country wasn't built like that.

I say the politicians, you're right, they are greedy greedy people. I said by knocking this legislation dead, that we just knocked down - that we we're going to give amnesty to which everybody said, "what's amnesty." - give me a break. The people are telling you, you cannot sell America for money or votes. (applause) And the reason why we have Americans that won't do the job - they just don't want to do it for slave wages. And they're worried about the business people, put there butts in jail for about a week - that will stop real real quick. I'm Joey Vento I have an account and I've got to play by the rules. If for some reason the state comes on my accounting and the Internal Revenue comes in I either pay a fine or penalty or both, whatever the case is. Well here's businessmen that you know are breaking the law - paying under the table. They're pocketing that money; they're not giving it back to the consumers by no way shape or form, but here they'll come after Joey Vento.

Let me show you that sign. (Holds up a sign, with an American flag and Eagle to the left and states "This is America. When ordering please speak English.") This is America, when ordering please speak English. (laughing from audience.) It doesn't say you're not going to get served, because everybody gets served. It just says you might not get served what you thought you ordered in your language, whatever it might be. You might be saying give me a cheese wiz without onions I might interpret that to be a provolone with onions. If you're allergic to onions who's at fault at this point? Me or you? (more laughing from audience) You're here in this country, you chose to be here chose to speak our language.

That's the case - they got buttons, press 1 for English. That's a disgrace. Where's the Italian button? The Russian, the Japanese? Why is it that every other group came in here they knew the tricks of success was speaking our language. They had no problem with. That's why I call, for the most part, the Spanish people that are going against me, I call them the morons because they refuse to assimilate because if you're smart you take it out of the schools. I even had some bishops call my a hypocrite. Joey Vento you made a statement that you're teaching English two words at a time at your store well why don't you show your -- by donating to our Spanish organization to teach English? I say this, take the Spanish out of the school and I'll be the first one to send you a check. (applause)

I'm worried about this country because.. my family background, I love my family, they didn't always do the right thing, but they paid a price. But only here in America do they give a guy like me with only a ninth grade education an opportunity to say "you're differrent" and I proved I'm different. I could have went against the people that went against my family which was law enforcement I took the other road, I didn't do what any of --- . So this is why this is the greatest country in the world. Try doing that in Mexico. Go over there and waive the American flag there. Let me open a Geno Steaks and say I want everybody to speak English. What would happen? Hey the Federali, hey Mr. Vento we've got a word with you. Take me up and they'll put a bullet in the back of my head and you'll never hear from me no more. You see people don't understand that. Take some of their immigration laws. I don't know if people are familiar with some of them. Let's just give you a couple of them. You will not have bilingual in the school - strictly Spanish, all business and their government will be done in Spanish. You will not be a burden to the tax payer, no welfare, no food stamps, no health care, no nothing. I mean that's ridiculous over here. I mean if you go against the government any way shape or form you will be immediately deported to your country of origin. You cannot waive a flag of any country over there and guess what if you're here illegal we're going to hunt you down and put you in jail. Whoopee. Why don't we enact that. It's their president Fox or whatever you want to call that to sit with our president the other dwarf over there - you want us to stop the drugs in your country you better give us economical aid. Oh no, no Mr. Bush we'll put a wall we'll boycott you. We don't need your people you need us. And we have like I said plenty of people let's cut the red tape on that. If they're over here illegally I'll be the first person to donate the first bus, you have twenty four seven. You already said it's costing us somewhere in the neighborhood of 338 billion a year for these illegals. It's going to cost between 206 and 230 billion a year to get rid of them. After the first year we're ahead of the game. (applause)

And you bring the ones that want to come in, and then you have a choice. We need one-hundred thousand unskilled labor, no problem, we pick out the hundred thousand. Now you want to pick out another hundred thousand. OK now we want your brightest and your best whether it be medical or what. We have a choice. Here we have no choice. All we're doing is bringing in the criminal element and they're destroying our country. Now these people I don't know when they're going to wake up. You worry about why your children are getting raped. We have enough child molesters and murderers in our own country. (laughing) That's why Geraldo, the Fox news - they got to get rid of that guy. (applause) There he is, he's for illegal. That's why they wanted me to debate him. Why should I debate him? He's pro illegal, I'm pro legal. No matter what I say he, his theory is a murder is a murder you should treat them accordingly. You're right a murder is a murder the difference is if one's illegal and one isn't we only have to deal with the one murder - not the two. And if the illegal one has no money we have to pick up the tab too. So send him back, we don't need him in America. And like I said when November comes vote these bums out of office.