Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Daryl Metcalfe - Voice of the People Rally - Harrisburg, PA

It is sad to see a representative of our government supporting such hateful things. To have this type of argument in this country is very unfortunate. As with many others, I grew up being taught that the United States was a land of freedom composed of immigrants. It is referred to as the great melting pot, but this reference is being eroded by a fanatical movement to remove immigrants, though here illegally, that are working and truly want to be a part of this free land.

In my opinion this issue is a the culmination of a gathered selfishness. Ironically though, it is this same selfishness that has provided the door to these "illegal" immigrants. For these people that are rallying around the "deport now" slogans and the "build the wall" message, how has this cheap labor affected their ability to buy things? All companies go for the lowest bid. These anti-"illegals" are delusional if they think they have not had extended buying power from the "illegal" immigrants' labor.

Jobs will not free up when and if these "illegal" immigrants are driven out of the country. It is already happening that companies are sending their factories to other countries. Just look at where your shoes, shirts, jackets, televisions, and even the computer you may be reading this on are made. Where is the website telling me how to buy US made products? What happened to Wal-marts "Made In America" kick. It's gone. Gone because Americans are selfish. They want to buy, buy, buy, but they don't want to have to look at the people who toil for there luxury. This has always been the case and will continue to be.

Metcalfe is as selfish as any of these people. Just read his speech. "I came up with this" and "I created that." Why not give others credit Daryl? Will it not lead to reelection? Is it hard to get out of your own skin and think of what others may be feeling?

We've been cruel long enough. Let's start to show some compassion. For those that like to call this an "invasion" by "illegal" immigrants let me tell you of an invasion that the United States is currently involved in. That, of course, is the Iraq war. Now that is the definition of an "invasion." Going in to another country to find a job and to work does not constitute an "invasion." However, when you're a hateful person that doesn't like to look at others who are "different" then you'll call it an "invasion."

Just imagine yourself happy for a moment. Now, in this moment of happiness, what is happening? Are millions of people being sent back to an impoverished country to probably die? Well, I'm sad you feel that way. I guess I always thought it was better to help and get along with others.

Daryl’s speech:

Introduction: I'd like to introduce our first speaker. I'm not from Pennsylvania, but I understand he's a real hero here in this state. He was elected in '98, state representative. He's also the lead sponsor for National Security Begins At Home. He's also the founder of the State Legislature for Legal Immigration. There are 32 states signed up right now, with different legislatures, 32. So I hope you give a really nice welcome for representative Daryl Metcalfe. (applause)

Daryl Metcalfe: Good afternoon. State Representative Daryl Metcalfe. I'm from Luzerne Pennsylvania - Butler country in western Pennsylvania. Made the drive here today on labor day weekend, about 4 hour drive across the state to come here because this is one of the most important issues facing our nation. (applause)

Thank you all for being here it's good to see Americans out here that are willing to stand up for their rights as American citizens and to stand up for protecting our great nation. It was very appropriate to lead off with our pledge to allegiance, because the allegiance to our nation has been lacking in Washington D.C. (applause) Our federal government, for decades, has been awal in fulfilling their constitutional responsibility to protect the state against invasion which is a clearly defined constitutional role of the federal government. They have been so negligent, so irresponsible, in their lack of doing their duty that it is time, it is well past time for state legislators to pull together and call upon our federal government to do what it was that they were founded to do - and that's protect our nation. (applause)

My first experience with illegal aliens was as a young eighteen year old soldier stationed in Fort Bliss, Texas in El Paso, Texas. When I first went to Texas going there from upstate New York where I grew up, was my first encounter, one of my fellow soldiers was a American born Mexican-American and had relatives that were still in Mexico and even at that time he shared with me his problems and his concern about illegal aliens that were coming into our nation at that time. Well then it seemed like a border state problem - it seemed like a southern border state problem, but here we are, that was back in 1981, that I was in El Paso. Here we are twenty-six years later and it's no longer just a southern border state problem. This is a national problem. This is an illegal alien invasion. This is occurring on the soil of America. If we do not, if we do not stop the invasion it will be the end of America as it's been known. (that's right. we got to win this thing. You got that right.) (applause)

I am state representative here in the state of Pennsylvania and I'm joined with several of my colleagues. state representative Tom Creighton, state representative Scott Perry, state representative Mark Mustio and a couple of other co-sponsors. And we have introduced this session a package of legislation that we've entitled National Security Begins at Home. The rule of law is of the utmost importance to Americans. It is not appropriate for anyone to try and come into our nation and ignore our law to get here. (someone says "true" then there's laughing and applause) You'll here from a speaker today that represents a group of individuals who have been severely impacted by those horrific attacks on 9-11 that took so many American lives. How quickly our politicians in Washington D.C. and across this country forget that it is time to battle this war on terror. And the only way to end the war on terror, on our soil, is to make sure we have secure borders. ("that's right) That's why we entitled our package of legislation in Pennsylvania "National Security Begins At Home." Our package of legislation would go after employers who are hiring illegals. It would go after public benefits that illegals are able to tap into. It would ensure that our law enforcement is able to enforce immigration law in Pennsylvania in conjunction with working with ICE. ("Amen." applause)

A lot of talking heads around the country have tried to make the argument that we shouldn't address the illegal alien invasion with those that are already in our borders because it's impossible to round up millions of people and deport them. Well I say you don't have to round 'em up if you shut off the economic faucet. You shut off the jobs, you shut off the benefits they'll go home on their own. (applause "that's the easy way to do it.")

After working on this legislation last session and holding hearings across the great state of Pennsylvania with many of my colleagues in Republican Policy Committee and finding out more information like we found out from Attorney General Corbett's office that we are spending millions of dollars a year in Pennsylvania, as Pennsylvania tax payers incarcerating illegal aliens who are committing crimes and we are not being reimbursed that money by the federal government who has allowed those illegals to come here. (applause) We are spending hundreds of millions of dollars in Pennsylvania as Pennsylvania tax payers on educational benefits, on health care benefits that are being delivered to illegal aliens that do not belong here. We are having crimes committed across this state from the black tar heroin ring that was busted out in Allegany, Beaver country this year, to the murders in Altoona to a recent capture of an illegal alien who stabbed a police officer in New York and fled to Pennsylvania, to the illegal aliens who are training to attack our soldiers at Fort Dix, right here training in Pennsylvania. It is time to bring this to an end. (That's right. applause)

And after looking at the information that we gleamed from those committee hearing, and after working on our own package her in Pennsylvania and seeing how the federal government has tied the hands of states and local governments. Local governments like Hazleton and the mayor of Hazleton who's battling illegal, illegal alien invasion there in his home town trying to ensure that we put an end to this - at least in his community. Well we've watched and seen how the feds have tied our hands and passed (holds and up with quotes) immigration law. We need congress to work with us and that's when I came up with the idea of working with my staff and working with colleagues that we need to move forward with a national effort. And that national effort that I founded earlier this year, that I started working on last year is called State Legislatures For Legal Immigration - State Legislatures For Legal Immigration.com. We currently have thirty-one states represented in that coalition and we are working to build it out to fifty because every person that's in office that raises their hand and swears to uphold and defend the constitutions of our great country and our states individually and respectively. Every individual in office has an oath to defend that constitution and needs to be with us to put pressure on congress.
Our mission as State Legislatures For Legal Immigration is to push and force and call upon the federal government to work with those of us that serve at the state level that work with our local communities to secure the borders to shut off the economic faucets of illegal jobs and illegal benefits illegals are tapping into and to once again secure our great nation and protect American lives and property. (applause)

The sign up front that says "Stop The Invasion" - that's the word that I've been using to describe the activity that's occurring in this nation and has been occurring. This is an invasion. You cannot call hundreds of thousands of people coming across your border every year anything less than an invasion.

I served on foreign soil to secure a foreign border while I served in the United States Army as a soldier. (applause) There is no excuse when we have secured the borders of Korea and Germany and Kuwait and other nations around this world - there's no excuse why our border has been left unattended. ("that's right" applause "negligence!")

That's the reason I use the word awal - absent without leave - for describing the activity of a congress and a president - not just this president, but every president over the last several decades that has failed to secure our borders is partially responsible for what's going on. Whether they're republican or democrat they're responsible. It is time to be accountable and be responsible and protect the citizens of this nation.

Everyone have a great labor day and we'll continue the fight and we need your help to do it. (applause)

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