Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Robert Goldsborough - Voice of the People - Harrisburg, PA

I do need to go over this one more time, but here is Robert Goldsborough's speech from the Harrisburg rally.

Introduction:The next person we're going to introduce has been working in Washington DC most of his life. Forty years ago he was fighting communism. He still is. He's a great patriot. He's also the president of the largest grassroots organization in the United States with over 230,000 members. I've known Mr. Goldsborough for many years. That's why I do films for AIC because they are dedicated. So can I please have a round of applause for Mr. Robert Goldsborough.

Robert:Thank you fellow Americans and thank you John Clark for all the work that you've done on this. Thank all of you for coming out here on labor day weekend because we have to stand for the laborists of America. Those who are citizens. And one thing that we have seen in all the deaths that have occur ed since 9/11 due to illegal aliens. Tens of thousands tragic beyond belief. We also have American workers being put out of work or their wages lowered because of illegal immigrants - because of illegal aliens. I'm sorry John. I corrected (laughing from the audience) Illegal aliens have taken their jobs. (clapping)

And yet this seems to fail to move our congressmen in Washington. Both parties are guilty of it. One party wants cheap labor and the other party wants cheap votes. And so they don't care if they sacrifice the American worker, our sovereignty, or security, our safety. It matters not to them. And we have, coming up, an election in 2008 which I think is probably one of the most important ones we've ever had. And we have a number of candidates and we need to know which candidates are there for the good of the country. Not just for their own narcissistic greed and power hungry. We have to judge what they're really for. Are they saying things just to lie to every group they speak to? Or are the sincere about the safety and security of the future of this country. We need law makers who don't reward law breakers. (applaus) We've had enough of that.

We've had this administration and the previous couple of administrations, we've had both parties wanting to give amnesty and citizenship to millions of illegal aliens and they don't care what happens to our security, our safety, or the jobs of America. We don't - it's been a great country - a magnificent country, the greatest country on the face of the Earth. (applause) We don't need to keep exporting jobs and importing illegal alien workers.

I wanted to say one thing that maybe some of you have heard about, which I think shows us what has happened over the past couple of years of trying to pass amnesty legislation. Citizenship for illegal aliens. And it is something which happened in Europe back in 1948. And it was called pressure from below pressure from above. And a member of the Czechoslovak Communist Party Central Committee, Yan Kozak, developed this technique because Czechoslovakia which a few years earlier had won its freedom from Nazi Germany and all the oppression that went with the Nazi's. They were free for a few years and they had the most successful democratic government in central Europe. Jan Kozak, member of the communist party of Czechoslovakia devised the technique of pressure from above and pressure from below. Using the members of parliament who were communist and then also using the masses to organize them to publicize, brainwash, mobilize, activate them. And they succeeded. They succeeded in taking over Czechoslovakia and turning a free democratic republic into a one state totalitarian slave state. We have to stop and think did something like that occur over the past couple of years? Did we have members in congress who were trying to pass legislation which would suppress America and turn it over to an army, an invasion of illegal aliens? Did we have...did we have the numbers of Hispanics and other who marches, millions and millions who marched in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago, Denver, elsewhere? Did this happen automatically? Did they come together spontaneously? No, as Will Jasper explained last may in an article in The New American the Marxists spent over ten years organizing. Organizing the Hispanics, the Latinos, the illegals and who paid for most of them? (Audience: "We did.") The Ford Foundation.

One of the things that I think we have to do besides keeping up the momentum of winning the fight. We won the fight in May and June and we stopped it. That was not the war. The war continues. We already have part of that amnesty, pardon me, immigration reform legislation as a man in the White House calls it, rewarding illegal aliens. We already have part of that being introduced to the Senate called The Dream Act and it will allow illegal aliens who have gone to High School in the United States, or served in the United States (?), to get a free college education. (Boos from the audience) This is being introduced when the Senate reconvenes next week. So we won the battle in May and June because the people were alerted. We won't succumb to pressure from below and pressure from above. We have to keep fighting. And I would like to just share with you briefly a few comments that I learned from reading about George Washington. He sent a letter to the c--, Washington in June 12, 1776. I like to share with you what he said:

"Heaven [that] knows how truly I love my country; and that I embarked in this arduous enterprise on the (of) purest motives. But we have overshot our mark; we have grasped at things beyond our reach; it is impossible we should succeed; and I cannot with truth, say that I am sorry for it; because I am far from being sure that we deserve to succeed. Our want of skill, our want of ammunition is short, our want of everything which an army ought to have are all no doubt exceedingly against us, but they are nothing to our want of virtue. There are not - listen to these lines - there are not one hundred men in America that know our true situation. Three-fourths of the congress themselves are ignorant of it. If it be the will of God that America should be independent of Great Britain then this be the season for it, even I and these hopeful men around may not be thought unworthy instruments in his hands. And should we succeed we are heroes and immortalized beyond even those of former times. In this persuasion I resolve to go on, contented to save my country, or die in the last ditch."

Thank you.

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