Monday, September 10, 2007

John Clark - Voice of the People Rally - Harrisburg, PA

John Clark's speech, though not full of violence or hate speech, is actually a rather disturbing one. What is disturbing about it (besides the fact that he's very noticeably chewing gum through the whole thing) is that he seems to have no problem making things up as he goes. He just makes a bunch of generic statement that sometimes don't even make sense.

Now the reason they put twenty-three lawyers against the town of Hazleton was because if the town lost the town would have to pay for those twenty-three lawyers. - Ok, this means the town really doesn't think they have a case?

Cities are going bankrupt, hospitals are going bankrupt because of the illegal invasion. This has nothing to do with immigration. - What? Every "illegal" immigrant is an "invader." Aliens and invaders. Is this a sci-fi movie?

Then he says My wife is a legal immigrant from Venezuela. Well what does that have to do with this issue? It's not an immigration issue right? He doesn't care about all the other Hispanics just because he married a woman from Venezuela. Being friends with, or married to a particular person does not mean you care about others of their race or culture or even their family. Most people don't even get along with their in laws let alone the entirety of their cultural background.

I also find it odd that he left California assumably because he couldn't combat the rise of Hispanics there. But isn't staying where you were born to do something about your own territory (see We fought our revolution, go home and fight yours) what these anti-immigrants like to chant? Why didn't John stay there and fight the problem?

And what is the deal with the threat on Jesse Peterson's life. Why is there no information about this anywhere online? I don't even see anything Jesse has written about it. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough.

He states "if you speak the truth you'll be threatened."

John's Speech:

Flag's up here up front.

(Say the pledge)

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

(man holding VOPUSA sign "Where's the Fence - Close the Border in 90 Days"
does sign of the cross)

Jessie Peterson has been a friend of mine for over thirteen years. I've never seen him afraid before like he is now. His life is in danger. He's had death threats. He can't even walk to an airport. He has to have a security guard, a body guard with him at all times, because he speaks the truth.

Jesse and I stared with the immigration issue thirteen years ago. Then he started BOND, building a new destiny for black youths. Like I said, I've never seen him scared like this, but this is what's happening in this country. If you speak the truth you're going to be threatened or you're going to be put out of business. Like Mayor Barletta.

Now the A-a-a (unable to get it out) - (Audience helps - "ACLU") There's so many of those acronyms (audience member - "four letter words") Yeah, four letter words. They want 2.3 million dollars from the town of Hazleton. Now the reason they put twenty-three lawyers against the town of Hazleton was because if the town lost the town would have to pay for those twenty-three lawyers. This is what they've done all over the country. Any city that tries to have the laws enforced they get them struck down or they get them scared that they're going to be faced with a lawsuit. I think everybody knows who I'm talking about.

This has to cease because it's happening all over the country. Cities are going bankrupt, hospitals are going bankrupt because of the illegal invasion. This has nothing to do with immigration. AIC supports legal immigration. Illegal immigration is against the law. If they can break the law why can't we? (applause) It's rewarding illegal behavior. It's sending a message to our young kids "Hey, it's ok to break the law and be rewarded."

Giving citizenship to an illegal alien's child that breaks the law - comes across the border - is like giving a bank robber (pause ) money. Like this Elvira - she's concerned, so concerned about her childe, about her son yet he's still here in this country and she's in Mexico (audience "that's right" - "that's where she should stay.") Every one of these illegals should be rounded up and deported - every single one of 'em. (applause - "yeah!" - "no North American union!") I'd like to say we are for legal immigration. My wife is a legal immigrant from Venezuela. She get very upset when she hears the term "illegal immigrant." They are not immigrants. The correct term is illegal alien, now they are called invaders because that's exactly what they are. (applause) Immigrants, immigrants that made this country great came here and wanted to become an American citizen. They couldn't wait to learn the English language, but now they come here with a fist, clenched fist and a hand out. They don't go back because you the taxpayers are supporting them. The open borders crowd is making a lot of money off of this, being funded by these left wing foundations. (I can see he's chewing gum. Most great speakers do this.) This has to stop we have to get it under control, we have to stop these employers - EVS is the only way we're going to get it and already - they've already failed a lawsuit to stop these cities from enforcing employer verification system. They will self deport themselves.

Dwight David Eisenhower rounded up one million illegals - deported 'em because he wanted American citizens to have jobs. We can do the same thing. (applause) And the nonsense about twelve million illegals, we've been hearing this for about ten years. It's closer to thirty-million illegals. (boo from audience) Thirty-million illegals in this country and they have no allegiance to this country. Forces acting upon illegal immigration - the cheap labor, the banks, the Catholic church, Catholic charities. The FLCIO sponsors illegal aliens. Catholic charities receives a billion and a half dollars annually from federal and state taxes for refugee resettlement. (boo from audience) I'm originally from California with proposition 187. We started proposition 187 to cut off benefits to illegal aliens. I couldn't figure out why the teachers and the doctors were against this until I found out how much money they were making for bilingual education. In the magic kingdon card illegals get free medical. My wife can't get free medical. (boos from audience) Our citizens can't get free medical, our veterans are sleeping under freeways in California. I’ve seen 'em. (audience "that's a crime.") Hospitals in California are going bankrupt. But I just hope that you get involved because you have to
do it. The federal government is not going to do it. All of this is a dog and pony show rounding up these illegals right now. They're trying to get the employers so upset they're going to put more pressure on 'em and say look how much a head of lettuce is now. This has nothing to do with lettuce, it's jobs all through our economy.

(Audience "Build the wall." and then a lady says "We can grow lettuce.")

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