Monday, September 10, 2007

Michael Huff - Voice of the People Rally - Harrisburg, PA

Though I may not agree with the wars Michael was asked to fight in, including Desert Storm, which is true for many Americans, I do commend the fact that he gave his life to protecting this country. Though he is still with us, all military personnel are freely accepting that they may not make it back alive when they are sent to duty.

It was interesting to hear that the deaths of the soldier's he mentioned were due to some dirt bag piece of trash in some foreign country because as we all know, especially from the highly publicized death of Pat Tillman, that many soldiers die from friendly fire and accidents.

I also have to add that I support my troops by not supporting war. I do not support the Iraq war nor did I support Desert Storm which was simply a reaction of the US to their putting Saddam into power and then realizing he was going to actually use it. Though I do think we need a military and I appreciate every last one that serves, I would certainly like to see them alive and well here in the US and not in another country fighting for the president rather than for the people.

Would you give a warm welcome to retired Lt. Colonel Michael Huff who's done security up here.

Michael Huff's Speech:
Marine corps. (applause)

One of the reasons I just wanted to have a short moment to say something. I'm not a speaker. As most of our military know we don't dictate the law we just follow our orders. But if you walk around this great city - and I was really quite shocked, and my friend Frank George, who I came here with, and I'm a proud member of the minutemen with him, we were looking at the pictures on these posters of all these military personnel and Franks taking a picture going look at these guys it's really great. And I said wait a minute why do you think there's two dates on their? A date they were brought into this world by our mother and father - there mother especially - and the other date is the day they were killed by some dirt bag piece of trash in some foreign country.

The only reason I say that is in the twenty years of serving my country, the last three were Desert Storm, and when you live with the nightmares of the individuals you've had to take whether they be men, women, or children you come back with a different attitude and a different view and there is no changing that. We have young individuals of twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two years of age that aren't coming back, but the ones who are left to come back aren't the same. They need our help, they need our support. They need the understanding that there's no question or need that they should ever have to ask or want that we don't give freely. Unfortunately our government and our politics dictates an issue at hand that, well you did what you did - see you later. And I know for a fact because I'm living with some issues from Desert Storm and that's alright, that's not a problem. I'm back here and I can walk and talk.

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