Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Joey Vento - Voice of the People Rally - Harrisburg, PA

Here we go again. Joey states in his speech that all "illegal" immigrants are murdering and raping us. Do they collectively get together to do this? How do 30 million (per their numbers) people molest 8 children? How do they murder 25 people? Obviously every "illegal" immigrant is not molesting children or murdering people. Very few of them are. Just as very few "legal" citizens are as well.

All I have to do to some this speech up is post the following quote:
And as far as the anchor babies - you come here pop a baby, pick it up and take it back to Mexico.

So, there's no racism or prejudice here? It's all about the law? Are all "illegal" immigrants from Mexico?

This is how this group will continue trying to motivate the public to join them - through bloated numbers and hate speech.

Let me remind Mr. Vento that:

When the new wave of Italian immigration to Pennsylvania began in the late 1870s, most of the newcomers were young single men from the villages of southern Italy. Although many were agricultural laborers, most had some knowledge of the wage system of labor. Previous to their arrival in Pennsylvania, many had migrated from their native villages to work as seasonal laborers. Some of these immigrants, who were occasionally referred to as “birds of passage,” were assisted by padrones, or labor agents, in finding employment and living accommodations.

The Italian immigrants of Philadelphia formed hundreds of clubs, organizations and associations, both to help their countrymen adjust to life in the United States and to preserve their language and cultural heritage.

Italian Immigration to Pennsylvania

When he speaks of the America his grandparents came to, may I also reference:

During the late 1800s and early 20th Century, Italian Americans were the second most likely group (next to African Americans) to be lynched. One of the largest lynchings in US history occurred in New Orleans in 1891, when eleven Italians were violently murdered in the streets by a large lynch mob. Riots and lynchings against Italian Americans continued into the twentieth century in the South as well as in New York City, New York, Chicago, and Boston.
Racial Violence in the United States

Why won't we ever learn?

First part of his speech:

Introduction: To Joey Vento, Geno's Steaks.

Joey Vento: Listen it's great to be here. No you've got to understand something - I am not a politician. I am just an average Joe and I'm going to tell you how I feel.

One thing I'd like to clarify. I understand the people across the street there think that we're bad people and I would like you to go to the country that you think is better than this country.

I'm not going to go over everything that's already been said because it's already done so I'll try to keep it short, sweet, or what I think this is.

These illegal invaders and that just what they are invaders. They are not the kind of immigrants that our grandparents were. When our grandparents came her - like with my family they were tickled pink to be here. They died in their eighties still struggling to learn the language, but they knew to be successful in America you had to speak English. And I had made a statement in the very beginning that's why the second and third generation were prosperous. Now here, in this case here I said the Spanish people were never prosperous. Why? Because my father, when he went to school speaking Italian there was no choice. It was strictly English. Had he had a choice I probably would have been speaking Italian today. So the Spanish people I say to you, you want to be prosperous - 'cause I called you morons and I'm going to tell you why (audience laughing). As long as you've got Spanish in the school you'll never ever succeed in the United States of America. A complete success. Because the only true success in America is you must speak English.

As far as the parties we all agree, there's two parties with one head. One head. What I say is when November comes we go against we look at each individual. We look at the person that wants to help secure our borders and thinks like us. The rest of them you vote them out and you vote this guy in whether he's a Democrat or Republican you vote him in because that's how we're going to get America back. They are draining our system there is no question. They're running...we already heard about the murderers so I don't want to go into that and the child that they're molesting.

Here we are. We're a country that owes the children - we've got to worry about our children. He we are - they're killing like 25 of us a day which we already know. They're molesting about 8 children a day. That's two reasons alone why we can get them out of here. There is no such word as "can't" - no not in the American language. Don't say you can't do it. We are the greatest country in the world we can do anything we want.

We have people that have been waiting patiently for over almost 15 years that already paid their dues they want to assimilate, learn our culture, know our language, and want to do these jobs. The people that we're allowing to come over - all we're getting is drug dealers and murders. There's no accountability. Since there is no accountability we got this 12 million figure, which John brought up the 30 million, which it could be possibly. I brought it up that if there's no accountability on the 12, why couldn't it be 20 million? I mean if there's no accountability. And John you're right, they didn't fall through the cracks they walked right through the doorway. We're allowing it. We gotta learn the police department. We gotta take the handcuffs off the policemen and put it on the thugs where they rightfully belong. And you can't report people for..... crime. And as far as the anchor babies - you come here pop a baby, pick it up and take it back to Mexico.

These people came here with the criminal intent knowing that if they pop this baby out that they're going to get all the benefits and we won't take mommy and daddy away from the kids. Fine. Take the baby and go back to Mexico. (applause) We already know it's happening in Texas. They've shown that over and over in the news. Now the anchor babies are living in Mexico with their mommies and daddies while they're enjoying the benefits of our country. They're coming back and forth every day through the border, into the schools in Texas at a cost of one billion dollars a year. They're going to kill us economically. I mean, I just want to say American people better wake up.

This is the greatest country in the world. Anybody ever thinks different - they should get out. I mean these people are coming here. They don't want to assimilate. That's a definite there. They want us to learn their language and their culture. You already came from the country doing that. Stay there. The girl from that Church in Chicago (audience helps with name " Elvira") yeah whatever her name Elviva, Biwaba, Jibaba (laughing from audience) yeah whatever it is. I mean there's a women that had the audacity to say that we broke the law first. Oh no excuse me. I'll agree that we helped you along there. We didn't break the law we just didn't enforce it. You broke the law, there's a big difference there. Now she's in Mexico saying "oh, how nice it is to walk down the street free. I have a job, I feel safe." Go and tell the other 12 or 20 million illegals. They'll all go back and every body's going to be happy over there. (applause)

I mean, you got problems over in Mexico. Fix what's broken over in Mexico. Don't come into our country and try to break a system that is very effective and works. We are a country of laws. You can't be rewarded for breaking our laws. And they first broke our law by coming into this country illegally. That would be like me saying I left the backdoor of my house open, for whatever reason, stupidity, I forgot, it still doesn't give anyone the right to come into my home without my permission.

America can't be a country like in a third world country. Do you want your kid's kids later on three or four generations from now vying for jobs. Two dollars an hour your going to so, oh yeah I'll do it for a dollar seventy-five - oh wait a minute, I'll do it for a dollar fifty. Is that the legacy we want? My country wasn't built like that.

I say the politicians, you're right, they are greedy greedy people. I said by knocking this legislation dead, that we just knocked down - that we we're going to give amnesty to which everybody said, "what's amnesty." - give me a break. The people are telling you, you cannot sell America for money or votes. (applause) And the reason why we have Americans that won't do the job - they just don't want to do it for slave wages. And they're worried about the business people, put there butts in jail for about a week - that will stop real real quick. I'm Joey Vento I have an account and I've got to play by the rules. If for some reason the state comes on my accounting and the Internal Revenue comes in I either pay a fine or penalty or both, whatever the case is. Well here's businessmen that you know are breaking the law - paying under the table. They're pocketing that money; they're not giving it back to the consumers by no way shape or form, but here they'll come after Joey Vento.

Let me show you that sign. (Holds up a sign, with an American flag and Eagle to the left and states "This is America. When ordering please speak English.") This is America, when ordering please speak English. (laughing from audience.) It doesn't say you're not going to get served, because everybody gets served. It just says you might not get served what you thought you ordered in your language, whatever it might be. You might be saying give me a cheese wiz without onions I might interpret that to be a provolone with onions. If you're allergic to onions who's at fault at this point? Me or you? (more laughing from audience) You're here in this country, you chose to be here chose to speak our language.

That's the case - they got buttons, press 1 for English. That's a disgrace. Where's the Italian button? The Russian, the Japanese? Why is it that every other group came in here they knew the tricks of success was speaking our language. They had no problem with. That's why I call, for the most part, the Spanish people that are going against me, I call them the morons because they refuse to assimilate because if you're smart you take it out of the schools. I even had some bishops call my a hypocrite. Joey Vento you made a statement that you're teaching English two words at a time at your store well why don't you show your -- by donating to our Spanish organization to teach English? I say this, take the Spanish out of the school and I'll be the first one to send you a check. (applause)

I'm worried about this country because.. my family background, I love my family, they didn't always do the right thing, but they paid a price. But only here in America do they give a guy like me with only a ninth grade education an opportunity to say "you're differrent" and I proved I'm different. I could have went against the people that went against my family which was law enforcement I took the other road, I didn't do what any of --- . So this is why this is the greatest country in the world. Try doing that in Mexico. Go over there and waive the American flag there. Let me open a Geno Steaks and say I want everybody to speak English. What would happen? Hey the Federali, hey Mr. Vento we've got a word with you. Take me up and they'll put a bullet in the back of my head and you'll never hear from me no more. You see people don't understand that. Take some of their immigration laws. I don't know if people are familiar with some of them. Let's just give you a couple of them. You will not have bilingual in the school - strictly Spanish, all business and their government will be done in Spanish. You will not be a burden to the tax payer, no welfare, no food stamps, no health care, no nothing. I mean that's ridiculous over here. I mean if you go against the government any way shape or form you will be immediately deported to your country of origin. You cannot waive a flag of any country over there and guess what if you're here illegal we're going to hunt you down and put you in jail. Whoopee. Why don't we enact that. It's their president Fox or whatever you want to call that to sit with our president the other dwarf over there - you want us to stop the drugs in your country you better give us economical aid. Oh no, no Mr. Bush we'll put a wall we'll boycott you. We don't need your people you need us. And we have like I said plenty of people let's cut the red tape on that. If they're over here illegally I'll be the first person to donate the first bus, you have twenty four seven. You already said it's costing us somewhere in the neighborhood of 338 billion a year for these illegals. It's going to cost between 206 and 230 billion a year to get rid of them. After the first year we're ahead of the game. (applause)

And you bring the ones that want to come in, and then you have a choice. We need one-hundred thousand unskilled labor, no problem, we pick out the hundred thousand. Now you want to pick out another hundred thousand. OK now we want your brightest and your best whether it be medical or what. We have a choice. Here we have no choice. All we're doing is bringing in the criminal element and they're destroying our country. Now these people I don't know when they're going to wake up. You worry about why your children are getting raped. We have enough child molesters and murderers in our own country. (laughing) That's why Geraldo, the Fox news - they got to get rid of that guy. (applause) There he is, he's for illegal. That's why they wanted me to debate him. Why should I debate him? He's pro illegal, I'm pro legal. No matter what I say he, his theory is a murder is a murder you should treat them accordingly. You're right a murder is a murder the difference is if one's illegal and one isn't we only have to deal with the one murder - not the two. And if the illegal one has no money we have to pick up the tab too. So send him back, we don't need him in America. And like I said when November comes vote these bums out of office.

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FYI, voice of the people is done. Stick a fork in it. Danny ran off every single person who supported him at first. He truly is a swine, isn't he? He's the only one left, literally, in his group. Have fun with this one!